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21st International Conference on Progress in Vaccination Against Cancer (PIVAC-22) which will be held on 26th–28th September 2022 in Turin, Italy at the Molecular Biotechnology Center “Guido Tarone”.   The registration deadline has been extended to 29 July 2022   Visit the website
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The yEFIS 1st Symposium: Shaping the Future of Immunology in Europe is organized by the European Federation of Immunological Societies Young Immunologist Network (yEFIS). To date, yEFIS counts more than 600 registered members, working under the auspices of the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) to build a European network for young immunologists, future leaders of the field in Europe. The yEFIS 1st Symposium is the first conference organized by and for early-career researchers in Europe and our...
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The Italian Network for the Biotherapy of Cancer (NIBIT) is proud to announce the XX NIBIT Meeting 2022, whose main theme will be “Translating knowledge into the clinic”. After two virtual editions, the congress will take place in Padova on October 13-15, 2022, and it will gather top clinicians and scientists to discuss about novel concepts in cancer immunology such as integrating omics, personalized medicine, cancer dormancy, metabolism and metastasis, tumor microenvironment, adoptive T cell-based immunotherapy, trained immunity,...
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UniMiFlow è la Flow Cytometry Academy dell’Università degli Studi di Milano, un nuovo progetto volto a promuovere la diffusione della citometria a flusso. Il progetto è stato ideato ed è realizzato dall’Unità di Immunologia Clinica e Sperimentale (UCEI) che ha una lunga esperienza in questa tecnologia potente e versatile, sempre più utilizzata nei laboratori clinici e di ricerca. Visita il sito
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FOCIS is THE meeting in translational immunology that will give you a competitive edge in your career. Stay ahead of the curve with leading clinicians and researchers delivering the latest breakthroughs across immune-mediated diseases. Focusing on molecular pathways and their implications in human disease provides the unique opportunity for innovative thinking and applying ideas from the pathologies of other diseases to uncover novel solutions to challenges in the diseases you study. Through the FOCIS Annual Meeting, researchers and clinicians...
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Corriere della SIICA n.4
5 Dicembre 2022
Immunoroscopo: Sagittario
23 Novembre 2022
21 Novembre 2022
Rita Carsetti eletta Vice-Presidente di IUIS
20 Novembre 2022
Eccellenza della Ricerca Italiana durante la pandemia da Covid-19
10 Novembre 2022

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